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The principle of 3 d scanner


Photo type 3 d scanner, the scanning process is based on the principle of optical triangulation, first the projection module will be a series of encoding grating projected onto the object surface; By get by modulation of corresponding image acquisition module, and then through the characteristic of the algorithm to obtain the three coordinates of point cloud data. Adopts non-contact measurement method, the surfaces to be measured not damage, the complex surface area measurement can be points, measuring speed, high point cloud density.

The whole process of 3 d scanner imaging include: 

(1) information collection: in a certain direction and speed of mobile sensor scan or tilt sensor scanning Angle, received more than 2 d section graphics large amounts of information, the 3 d information, and for storage. 

(2) information positioning: each 2 d graphics from the different spatial location. To form a real graphics, you must first determine the spatial location of each 2 d graphics, in order to identify said information positioning in the restructuring. 

(3) information processing, information processing is to obtain information through D/A) (A/D conversion, become corpuscle (in volume) and the amount of each echo intensity of words (written) information. (4) information storage: solid (space) storage system consists of a large number of random memory (RAM). After processing the information according to its space location location in memory. 

(5) : 3 d reconstruction using computer to store data for restructuring and display of spatial orientation.