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film scanner


Now the film scanner on the market can be divided into two kinds: one: the industry with a laser scanner, film is suitable for various industrial applications, including nuclear power, petrochemical, aerospace, military, ships and all kinds of special equipment and other industries. Mainly used in industrial nondestructive testing (X-ray, gamma rays, photographic) digital film after the scan. The graph is a unique optical density in the world can reach 4.7 industrial laser film scanner, product certification through the German BAM, only to meet the international standard (ISO/EN 14096-1/2 Non - destructive testing - Qualification of radiographic film digitisation systems) industrial laser film scanner.

Two: the film scanner for medical use, also can achieve 4.3 optical density. Applicable to digital medical X-ray film. Developed countries generally large hospitals are generally with CR, DR, CT, MIR, and rarely use film scanners for digital X-ray film, the only exception is the digital breast X-ray film.

Support large fast film scanning, image does not need to joining together; BMP, JPG and so on general image formats and mutual transformation between the DICOM/DICONDE images. All Chinese interface, easy operation. Image processing functions: window width and window level adjustment; Local zoom; Up and down the mirror; About the mirror; Negative image; Measurement; Length, perimeter, area, grey value/blackness values; Annotation: text, line, rectangle, ellipse, curve, polygon, the arrow; Roaming; Pseudo color transformation; Forward or reverse rotate 90 degrees image export; Pane adjustment; Recovery.